St. Hannibal Empowerment Centre

St. Hannibal Empowerment Center (SHEC) is a religious organization of the Rogationists of the Heart of Jesus. It is a community of Spirit-led persons which aims to follow Jesus Christ in his union with his Father and in his proclamation of the kingdom of God. It is an inserted community among the squatters. The goal of SHEC is to empower the poor people of Metro Manila, Philippines, through housing, livelihood, education, health, waste management, youth and values formation.

Location: Pasay City, Metro Manila

Mission: Its mission is to empower the poorest of the poor and catalyze an integral Christian transformation of urban poor communities in collaboration with the local Church by a holistic process that addresses concerns on housing, livelihood, education, health, environment and sanitation, justice and peace, youth formation and values formation. The goals of SHEC consist of assisting in alleviating poverty among urban poor communities in Pasay and other cities in Metro Manila; and building the foundation of community transformation through intensive values formation. Its objectives are, specifically, to facilitate the organization and formation of people’s organization that are self-sufficient and empowered, facilitate the values and spiritual formation and capability building of urban poor leaders, to assist the urban poor / informal settlers of Pasay and other cities in Metro Manila in realizing their dreams of achieving security of tenure through in-city relocation, to facilitate the implementation of economic programs and basic social services in urban poor communities, and to facilitate access to formal education in favor of the poor and deserving students.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Concert for a Cause Draw Result

No word can rightly capture the joy and gratitude overflowing in our hearts and lives. Still we—the SHEC family, especially the Essentials Choir, the families of Phase 3 and the typhoon victims—extend our deepest appreciation and thanks to all of you who, in one way or the other, made the concert and raffle draw a success. Indeed, your participation has been a fruitful proclamation of God’s Kingdom, a way of letting justice flow on the lives of the poor and oppressed. Accordingly, may you feel the inner peace and fulfillment of being true children of God. With this alone, everyone has become a true winner! Be that as it may, we congratulate those won in the raffle draw. Prizes can be claimed at the St. Hannibal Training Center, 584 E. Cornejo St., Malibay, Pasay City, from October 28 to November 28, 2011 during office hours. Two valid IDs are required.

Please see list of winners.

List of winners

Thursday, October 06, 2011

The prophet Isaiah teaches that God finds delight in the worship performed by kind-hearted people who let justice flow on the land. If God’s beloved poor are uprooted from inhumane and unjust conditions, songs of praise become harmonious melodies pleasing to God’s ears (see Is 1:11-20).

On October 22, 2011, the Essentials Choir of the St. Hannibal Empowerment Center (SHEC) invites you to a night of singing, a moment of praising God, an occasion of building homes and an avenue of helping typhoon victims. By patronizing this concert, you become co-workers of Jesus in his Kingdom mission. Particularly, you could help in empowering poor families to acquire decent homes through SHEC’s housing project at phase 3, Malibay, Pasay City; further, you could extend a hand to typhoon victims as they literally start a new life after the storm.

Accordingly, you will be instrumental in letting justice flow on the slums of Malibay, Pasay and on the typhoon victims. Surely, your collaboration makes you pleasing and delightful, indeed a treasure worth-keeping in the heart of God. With this alone, you become instant winners! But the wonders of winning never end here! Amazing prizes await lucky winners as your tickets will be drawn in the raffle after the concert. Also, sellers of tickets will get fabulous incentives.

Hurry, buy tickets now, or help sell tickets, or both! ‘More tickets, more chances of winning! But most important, the more families you will be able to help…all for the love of God as manifested in the love of neighbor, especially the poorest of the poor!

For details, see the posters below.

Monday, October 03, 2011

July Highlights

ROGATE: Following the Footsteps of St. Hannibal and St. Paul. July 2011 has been devoted to livelihood. Yes, all the committees of SHEC work for a living while doing service to the poor, all because of their commitment to the values and goals of the Kingdom of God. Needless to say, this is a way of following the footsteps of St. Hannibal. When he was struggling to purchase buildings for the orphans in the slums, St. Hannibal deemed it a part of God’s providence that the beneficiaries had various livelihoods to support themselves. Coupled with catechism and administration of the sacraments, St. Hannibal drove home the point that holistic salvation consisted in both temporal and spiritual nourishment—this indeed is a dynamic equivalent of today’s concept of integral evangelization.

Also, the aforementioned spirituality of SHEC draws inspiration from St. Paul who used to intertwine his work for the Kingdom with his livelihood projects (See 1 Cor 9:4-23; 1 Thess 2:2-12; 2 Thess 3: 6-9).

Following St. Hannibal and St. Paul, SHEC is truly living up to its name as an empowerment center.
Empowered facilitators empowering the beneficiaries to discover and enhance their potentials—this is a manifestation of the presence of the Holy Spirit moving believers to renew the face of the earth (See Psalm 104:30). The Spirit indeed is empowering (Ruach and Pneuma, the Hebrew and Greek for Spirit also connote power). It was the Spirit that embraced St. Paul and St. Hannibal. It is the same Spirit that embraces SHEC staff and beneficiaries as they promote the Kingdom of God.

Meeting with SHFC. In a meeting with the officers of SHFC (Social Housing Finance Corp) last July 5, 2011, SHEC admin sought to clarify matters regarding loans. The meeting was attended by Fr. Dexter Prudenciano, RCJ, George Espin, Sandy Giolagon and Benchu Zabala, Ana Oliveros, VP Moon, Jo Banglagan, Atty. Janice Palisoc, Engr. Fel Gilbang, Noemi Henon and Cecil Tan.