St. Hannibal Empowerment Centre

St. Hannibal Empowerment Center (SHEC) is a religious organization of the Rogationists of the Heart of Jesus. It is a community of Spirit-led persons which aims to follow Jesus Christ in his union with his Father and in his proclamation of the kingdom of God. It is an inserted community among the squatters. The goal of SHEC is to empower the poor people of Metro Manila, Philippines, through housing, livelihood, education, health, waste management, youth and values formation.

Location: Pasay City, Metro Manila

Mission: Its mission is to empower the poorest of the poor and catalyze an integral Christian transformation of urban poor communities in collaboration with the local Church by a holistic process that addresses concerns on housing, livelihood, education, health, environment and sanitation, justice and peace, youth formation and values formation. The goals of SHEC consist of assisting in alleviating poverty among urban poor communities in Pasay and other cities in Metro Manila; and building the foundation of community transformation through intensive values formation. Its objectives are, specifically, to facilitate the organization and formation of people’s organization that are self-sufficient and empowered, facilitate the values and spiritual formation and capability building of urban poor leaders, to assist the urban poor / informal settlers of Pasay and other cities in Metro Manila in realizing their dreams of achieving security of tenure through in-city relocation, to facilitate the implementation of economic programs and basic social services in urban poor communities, and to facilitate access to formal education in favor of the poor and deserving students.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

December 2009

Balagbag Architectural Plan Presented
Last Dec. 3, 2009, Arch. Arlene of TAO-Pilipinas, Fr. Dexter, Mr. Sotero Ubaldo, Jean Sarmienta and other HOA officers met for the presentation of the architectural plan for Balagbag. The meeting was held at the SHEC Admin Office, E. Cornejo St., Malibay Pasay City.

Seminar on Herbal Medicines
To teach the SHaCC Barangay Health Workers the technical know-how in the preparation and use of some herbal plants, Dr. Ian Gomez, 3 medical students from University of the Philippines-Phil. Gen. Hospital conducted a seminar on herbal medicine at the St. Hannibal Training Center, 584-A E. Cornejo St. , Malibay, Pasay City.

Lecture and Practicum on Solid Waste Management
For the urban gardening and beautification of SHEC, Fr. Orville Cajigal, RCJ (environment committee head) with Almerson Bernardino, Richie Ordonez and members of different committees in the community conducted a practicum on solid waste management, segregation, composting and vermiculture last Dec. 4, 2009.

PABANAL Youth Assembly
To start community organizing among Pabanal Youth through spiritual exercises, workshops, sharing and reflections on self identity, family experiences, personal and communal responsibility, Fr. Chris Sabili, Ma. Victoria Infante, Irene Borongan, Ritchie Ordonez and Pabanal youth and servant leaders gathered for integral formation last Dec. 12, 2009.

Christmas Parties and Recollection in a Row
From Dec 20 to Dec 22, 2009, the Kid’s ministry and Rogate youth of SHEC celebrated their Christmas parties, thanks to Ma. Victoria Infante who organized the joyful activities. The Christmas recollection facilitated by Fr. Orville Cajigal ended the December activities. The staff enjoyed a meaningful Christmas vacation afterwards.

November 2009

SHEC Bacolod
SHEC is truly expanding to promote Kingdom works. Last November 1, 2009 SHEC staff Almerson Bernardino, Richie Ordones and Jeffry Abuan headed by Fr. Dexter Prudenciano visited a farm site at Victoria, Negros Occidental. This site is envisioned to be the location of SHEC Bacolod.

Postulants’ Immersion at Baseco
Rogationist postulants immersed at Baseco last Nov. 14, 2009. They conducted a profile study of the youth which focused on their problems regarding relationships. Also, Ma. Victoria Infante, SHEC youth coordinator facilitated a seminar on the vision-mission of SHEC.

Green City
Part of healthy ecology is the abundance of vegetative life most especially at urban areas. To make the SHEC office a green city, farm managers Almerson Bernardino, Richie Ordoñez and Rhoderick Avedaña started a nursery for an envisioned urban garden. This project was launched last Nov. 15, 2009.

Seminar on Natural Farming
To know more about and acquire skills on natural farming such as fermentation process, organic vegetable gardening, vermicomposting, chicken and hog raising and fish culture, the environment committee headed by Fr. Orville Cajigal participated in a seminar on natural farming last Nov. 16-17, 2009.

TLJ Seminar for Baseco BOT
The Biblical Jesus as written in the book, A Third Look at Jesus (TLJ) is a core foundation of SHEC’s Kingdom mission. All of SHEC’s communities are oriented about the Biblical Jesus. Last Nov. 28, 2009 Fr. Orville Cajigal, RCJ facilitated the training of PABANAL board of trustees about the Biblical Jesus.

Monday, June 21, 2010


Seminar on Sustainable Food Production
To improve their respective programs on farming and other livelihood projects, Richie Ordoñes, Jeffrey Abuan and Almerson Bernardino of SHEC Eco Farms attended a seminar entitled AgriLINK, FoodLINK, AquaLINK--Sustainable Food Production: Focus on the Filipino Market which was held at the World Trade Center, Metro Manila last October 8, 2009.

Tree Planting at Bulacan
Last October 24, 2009, the SHEC staff headed by Fr. Dexter Prudenciano and Fr. Orville Cajigal together with Rogationist Postulants planted mahogany trees at SHEC, Bulacan. Planting trees is indeed a good way of preserving Mother Earth which is envisioned in the Bible as humanities’ final destiny.

Refreshed and Empowered
After a semester of hard work for the Kingdom, SHEC staff and volunteers sought to be refreshed and empowered through a retreat which was held at Badoc, Ilocos Norte last Oct. 26-30, 2009. The retreat was facilitated by Zacarias G. Damo, Jr. who shared on the forgotten core themes of the Bible, namely justice, history and total salvation.


SHEC believes on the value of iron sharpening iron (Proverbs 27:17), because ‘doing good’ for the kingdom of God becomes ‘doing better’ in the process. Hence, SHEC always strives for excellence and better ways of doing things. It is with this spirit that the activities for September have been carried out:

The Human Resources Department conducted the Mid-Term Evaluation on September 3, 2009. Staff and volunteers were assessed for their function vis-à-vis the implementation of SHEC’s programs. The activity was facilitated by Fr. Orville Cajigal, RCJ and Fr. Dexter Prudenciano, RCJ at the Delegation House, 24 Calcutta St., Merville Park in Parañaque City.

The Environment Committee continues to promote proper solid waste management to residents of St. Hannibal Subdivision Phase II. A two-day workshop, held on September 4 and 5 at the St. Hannibal Training Center, was handled by SHaCC resource speakers to remind each participants of their role and responsibility as stewards and caretakers of nature.

SHEC participated in the 2nd Asia-Pacific Housing Forum held at the Dusit Thani Manila Hotel from September 7 to 9. The event gave a glimpse of different housing programs of government and private sectors for the benefit of the poor in Asia. Concepts, policies, strategies, disaster management, technologies, and best practices were taken up during the discussions. Delegates are from various sectors: non-government entities, local government units, businessmen, and the academe. This event was co-sponsored by Habitat for Humanity and the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies.

The Port Area of Baseco Neighborhood Associations’ League (PABaNAL) hosted the community immersion of nine (9) Architecture students from the University of the Philippines on September 10. The activity started with an orientation on SHEC’s vision, mission, programs and activities, and a presentation on PABaNAL’s community organizing activities. The students will come up with a proposal for Baseco’s Development Plan.

On September 13, a special meeting was conducted by the Justice and Peace Committee for the approval of the proposed management chart and to deliberate on other pending concerns of the committee.

Meanwhile, weekly activities to increase faith and strengthen values were conducted throughout the month. The Education and Youth Committees held Values and Formation Skills Development activities every Sunday for SHEC’s young scholars. Meanwhile, SHaCC leaders facilitated Prayer Encounters each Friday of the month for the benefit of its members.


If the month of August were a tree, it was truly full of delightful fruits! The different committees of SHEC had a share of these sweet blessings:

In each Sunday of the month, values formation and skills development sessions are offered to the youth, especially to SHEC scholars. The weekly gathering continuously provides young people with guidance, encouragement, and monitoring on their personal and academic development. Fr. Orville Cajigal, RCJ facilitates the activities at the St. Hannibal Training Center in Pasay City, with the help of youth coordinator Ma. Victoria Infante.

On August 6, 2009 a survey of the National Housing Authority (NHA) property in Balagbag Site was conducted to define its boundaries and right of way. Witnesses were the barangay chairman and his council, Mr. John Nadua of UPAO (Urban Poor Assistant Office ), Mr. Al and Mr. Noel of the Manila International Airport Administration (MIAA), Engineer Mon Salvador and Engineer Cortez of the NHA, and SHEC Housing Committee head, Ramon Espin.

The topographical map of SHEC’s future eco-farm was joyfully presented by Bureau of Soils and Water Management (BSWM) representatives Dr. Gani Urriza and Engineer Mamerto Martinez on August 12, 2009. The map was a result of months of painstaking efforts and visits of the BSWM team to the site in Norzagaray, Bulacan. SHEC Executive Director Fr. Dexter Prudenciano, RCJ, and Eco-farm Coordinator Jeffrey Abuan gladly received the comprehensive plan in behalf of SHEC. Engineer Vicente Toto Bañares and Richie OrnoñeZ were also present in the meeting held at the DENR compound in Visayas Avenue, Quezon City. With the map, SHEC is ready to proceed with the preparation stage of the planned eco-farm.

Another opportunity for people to enhance their relationship with God was the 3-day Life in The Spirit Seminar held on August 14 to 16 at the St. Hannibal Subdivision Phase II, Rodriguez Street, Malibay in Pasay City. Father Orville Cajigal, RCJ and the Ilaw in Panginoon Charismatic Community spearheaded the seminar which had as participants the Values Committee members and some SHaCC representatives.

The Port Area of Baseco Neighborhood Associations’ League (PABaNAL) shared their experiences in community organizing in a meeting with barangay officials on August 15 at the Barangay Baseco Covert Court, Port Area, Manila. PABaNAL leaders told their stories of immersion, mapping, visioning, SEC and BIR registration, agency visits, as well as their present situation. In so doing they were able to gain the support of the council, including Barangay Chairman Kristo Hispano, Kagawad Rey Campanera and other officials. Father Christopher Sabili, Baseco community organizer served as the adviser to this event.

Beneficiaries of the Feeding Program were successfully nourished back to health and cheerfully graduated from the program on August 19th. Blessings and thanksgiving were pronounced to benefactors who generously shared their resources, to the Health Committee members who implemented the program, and to parents and community leaders who cooperated and contributed to the triumphant ending of the project. Father Fernando Suarez and his team from the Mary Mother of the Poor Foundation graced the occasion.

Residents of St. Hannibal Subdivision Phase II joined a one-day Environmental Awareness Program conducted by the UP One Earth on August 21 in Malibay, Pasay City. Participants became more aware of the situation of Mother Earth, and as a personal action plan, everybody was encouraged to take care of nature.

The month ended on August 30 with an inspiring Youth Formation activity focusing on Citizenship on Good Example. Brother Sherwin Santos, a youth himself, lectured on the topic of becoming responsible citizens.

The SHEC community celebrated a ground-breaking ceremony at the future site of the envisioned Almost Heaven Retreat Center in Awan Igid, Viewpoint, Banawe. On September 20, 2009 Father Orville Cajigal led the jubilant crowd of SHEC staff, volunteers, priests, local government officials and local residents in thanking the Lord for this gift of land. The donors themselves, Hon. And Mrs. Gualberto Lumauig and Family, graced the occasion. Also present were Barangay captain Robert Hangdaan, Father Bruno Rampazzo, RCJ, Banaue parish priest Father Francis Balaquit, SHEC Executive Director Father Dexter Prudenciano, RCJ, and Banaue Mayor Lino A. Madchiw.

JULY 2009

Aleluya and Amen are not only words of worship, faith and justice. They are also titles of inspiring songs—among other titles—written, arranged, and performed by SHEC artists. The CD titled, ‘Ang Kaharian ng Dios, Maria Ina ng Mahihirap’ (The Kingdom of God, Mary Mother of the Poor—containing 20 original compositions about Jesus’ mission of justice and liberation for the poor and the oppressed and Mary’s role in this mission—was launched on July 12, 2009 at the MonteMaria Tent in Barangay Pagkilatan, Batangas City. Father Fernando Suarez and company graciously hosted the simple yet joyous event. SHEC staff, volunteers, and representatives from SHaCC and Pabanal were also present to dedicate these uplifting melodies to God. Father Dex Prudenciano, RCJ, spearheaded this music project. Joining him in the team of composers, singers and musicians were Lynly and Evangeline Lacdang, Noel Espenida, Richard Domanico, Jake Metin, and Jeff Shannon, CC.

Also on July 12th, the Housing Committee led by Ramon Espin, visited the Social Housing Finance Corporation in Makati City to seek advice on delinquent SHEC beneficiaries. SHFC Legal Department Head Atty. Del Rosario has assured SHEC that letters personally-handed to these beneficiaries (as distinguished from registered mails) are considered valid. This was relieving news, assuring SHEC officers of the legitimacy of their actions.

To enhance the support services to housing beneficiaries, 14 Pabanal Phase Secretaries participated and successfully completed the 1st Training Module on Basic Computer Literacy held on July 25, 2009. SHaCC Trainers who facilitated the sessions were Robina Ong, Jocelyn Santajo, Josmar Sullano, and Eden Bathan. Baseco community organizer Fr. Christopher Sabili was in charge of the overall program. SHEC is truly a breeding ground of empowerment and learning, for which God has to be praised and thanked.

JUNE 2009

SHEC started the month by celebrating the feast of St. Hannibal Mary di Francia on June 1st. Our beloved patron is the authentic forerunner and zealous master of the modern pastoral care for vocations. The joyful observance was held at the St. Hannibal Subdivision Phase 2 and led by Youth coordinator Ma. Victoria Infante. Participating were the SHaCC, the SHEC staff, and the youth, who all enjoyed the delectable fare and community games.

It was a time of remembering St. Hannibal’s motivation for service: seeing Jesus Christ in the poor and marginalized people. In keeping with the saint’s footsteps, the SHEC community is here to continually "ask [rogate] the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers to gather his harvest" (Mt 9:38; Lk 10:2) so that more people can enjoy the Divine promise of a full life.

For the rest of June, various consultation activities were conducted to sustain various developments in our housing projects.

On June 1st, a meeting was held at the National Housing Authority office in Mayaman St., UP Village, Quezon City to discuss the overall plan of NHA in relation to SHEC’s Housing Project Phase 3, and to identify boundaries of NHA property against that of the Manila International Airport Administration’s.
Present were TAO-Pilipinas Architect Arlene Lusterio, NHA’s Engineer Bing Natino, and SHEC’s Housing Committee Officer Ramon Espin.

On June 16th the Port Area of Baseco Neighborhood Associations’ League (PABaNAL) presented its Vision, Mission, and Programs to Mayor Alfredo S. Lima and the City Government of Manila. In this meeting held at the 2nd floor, Bulwagan Auditorium of the Manila City Hall, 150 PABaNAL leaders and members participated. Also present were Ms. Vicky Clavel, Fr. Dexter Prudenciano, RCJ, and Baseco Community Organizer Fr. Christopher Sabili, OSJ. Other matters discussed were the status of Baseco and the implementation of Presidential Decree No. 145

The month concluded with yet another gathering, this time involving the NHA, PCUP, MIAA, Caritas, HUDCC, and HomeOwners Association. This June 30 meeting was held at the Manila International Airport Administration office on Multinational Avenue, Pasay City.

Representatives of all stakeholders actively engaged in the discussions facilitated by Housing Committee Officer Ramon Espin, particularly the finalization of the Memorandum of Agreement and matters pertaining to questionable provisions and policies of the COP

MAY 2009

SHEC upholds trusting in the Lord with our whole heart, and leaning not in our own understanding. The Book of Proverbs reminds us that acknowledging God in all our ways does not only straighten our path. Revering Him with fear also brings “health to our body and nourishment to our bones” (2:5-8). And in the prophetic tradition, fear of the Lord ought to be concretized through the practice of social justice. Failure to do so is something which God hates, no matter how grandiose, pompous and well-prepared our liturgy is (see Is 1:11ff).
For the month of May, the SHEC community sought the revitalizing wisdom of the Lord through various gatherings: celebration, recollection, training, and learning visits. These, hopefully, have equipped the staff and volunteers with the know-how that enhances Kingdom spirituality.

Feeding and Birthday Celebration. The visit of Father Fernando Suarez and some members of the Mary Mother of the Poor Foundation to St. Hannibal Subdivision Phase II on May 15 was extraordinary. It was a treat to partners of the Feeding program: the beneficiaries, the St. Hannibal Christian Community (SHaCC) Barangay Health Workers, some youth volunteers, and community leaders. Over a hearty lunch and cheerful fellowship—a reliving of the Christian life in Acts 2:43-47, perhaps. Fr. Orville Cajigal, RCJ, coordinated the event as head of the Health Program.
Reported by: Rev Fr. Orville Cajigal – Health Program
Written by: Jing Ocampo

Edited by: Zacri Damo

Staff Recollection and Outing.
The following day, all SHEC staff participated in a recollection and an outing held in Tagaytay and Batangas. This is part of the institution’s program for staff development. Fr. Orville Cajigal, RCJ, facilitated the much-awaited retreat, which resulted in a personal revival of each staff’s dedication to the Lord’s ministry to the poor. The periodic conduct of such retreats helps the SHEC team to be more effective as they make time for reflection, before facing another round of action.
Reported by: Rev Fr. Orville Cajigal
Written by: Jing Ocampo

Edited by: Zacri Damo

Leadership Training.
Community leaders, considered front-liners in SHEC’s ministry, also received relevant and timely leadership training this month. On May 26, a total of 120 leaders of the Port Area of Baseco Neighborhood Associations’ League (PABaNAL), 30 key movers of SHaCC and representatives from the SHaCC youth and choir, participated in a one-day event held at St. Anthony’s Boys Village in Silang, Cavite. Participants were able to share and learn from each other’s experience on the community organizing process, particularly related to SHEC’s various programs such as values formation, housing, and savings mobilization.
Fr. Dexter Prudenciano, RCJ, facilitated the training with focus on the themes A Third Look at Jesus and Discovery of the Self. The training was coordinated by Baseco Community Organizer Fr. Christopher Sabili.

Reported by: Fr. Christopher Sabili- Baseco Community Organizer
Written by: Jing Ocampo
Edited by: Zacri Damo

Learning Visits.
Two major activities this month contribute to the continuous advancement of the housing projects.
First: The Housing Committee, under the vibrant leadership of Bro. Ramon Espin, consulted with Atty. Jake Luna to discuss the following: a) status of Phase 2 Project and b) individual cases of delinquent beneficiaries. The meeting enabled the committee to draw up action points to further advance the project despite setbacks. Officers in attendance were Noeme Henon, Jocelyn Satajo, Imelda Dongaol., Josefa Tegerero., Cristina Caillo., Celia Tan, Cecilia Felicilda., and Arlene Dungka. The consultation meeting took place on May 29 at the Atty. Jake Luna Law Office in Evangelista Cor. Dallas St., Makati City.

Second: On May 30, the Homeowners Association (HOA) officers visited the project site of the Foundation for the Development of the Urban Poor (FDUP) in Kawit, Cavite. Together with representatives from SHEC partner TAO-Pilipinas, the Housing Committee and HOA Officers were able to see and appreciate the materials used by FDUP in its housing project. Architect Cesar Aris was kind enough to lead the tour and inspection as participants (led by Bro. Ramon Espin of the Housing Committee) learned all they can, all the while considering the possibility of adapting such innovations to SHEC’s housing projects.
Reported by: Ramon Espin – Housing Committee
Written by: Jing Ocampo

Edited by: Zacri Damo

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

APRIL 2009: VALUES: Promoting the Power of Prayer

Reported by: Fr. Orville R. Cajigal, RCJ, Values Formation
Written by: Jing Ocampo
Edited by: Zacri Damo

SHaCC members and Sem. Alex Henon gathered for Catechesis and Prayer Encounter on April 30 to May 3 at the SHTC. This series, which deepened the members’ knowledge on and introduced them to praying for vocations, was held in preparation for the World Day Prayer for Vocations.

APRIL 2009: YOUTH: Camp Bonding

Reported by: Ma. Victoria Infante, Youth Formation
Written by: Jing Ocampo
Edited by: Zacri Damo

A total of 15 SHEC youth participated in the M! Yes Camp (Montemaria Youth Experience and Spirituality) on April 30-May 3, 2009 held at Monte Maria in Batangas. Campers (particularly first-timers) found the activity inspirational, meaningful, and a special opportunity for bonding among peers. The Youth Committee spearheaded the event under the leadership of Ms. Ma. Victoria Infante.

APRIL 2009: ENVIRONMENT: Awardees become Stewards

Reported by: Fr. Orville R. Cajigal, RCJ, Environmental Management
Written by: Jing Ocampo
Edited by: Zacri Damo

After awarding the housing units, SHEC continues to guide residents on becoming good stewards of their newly-acquired properties and resources.

One support is the Seminar-Workshop on Solid Waste Management, conducted on April 25-26 at the St. Hannibal Training Center in Malibay, Pasay City. The activity benefited the SHHA Phase 2-Batch 3 homeowners by providing them with principles and practical tips on segregation, recycling, composting and other means of minimizing waste.
The resource persons were Architect Arlene Lusterio , and visiting guests from Montalban, Rizal.

APRIL 2009: ECOFARM: Soil Experts Help SHEC with Plans

Reported by: Jeffrey Abuan, Eco-Retreat Center, Bulacan
Written by: Jing Ocampo
Edited by: Zacri Damo

Initial works for SHEC’s proposed ecofarm in Norzagaray, Bulacan is underway. In April 15, 2009 a team of experts from the country’s Bureau of Soil and Water Management (BSWM) conducted a topographical survey and land tests to come up with an initial Land Use and Development Plan for the 4-hectare area. The team, coordinated by SHEC staff Jeffrey Abuan, is composed of engineers Mamerto Martinez, Antonio Rivera, Raymundo Galanta, and Jose Manguerra.
The comprehensive plan guides SHEC on best possible combination of trees, crops, as well as farm animals which are of best value for consumption and commerce, and are most suited to the area.
The SHEC Bulacan Ecofarm shall contribute to the sustainability of SHEC operations through its farm produce and retreat facilities. In addition, it will help promote community development by creating employment and by serving as a prototype on integrated farming where families and groups can learn.

APRIL 2009: EDUCATION: Treat Times Two!

Reported by: Fr. Orville R. Cajigal, Education Program
Written by: Jing Ocampo
Edited by: Zacri Damo
Caritas scholars received a double treat by visiting the historical places of Mt. Samat and Mt. Bagac in Bataan on April 18-19, 2009. It was “double” not only because they visited two sites. These youth, together with SHEC’s education volunteers, also had two reasons for being there:

a) Closing party -- time for rest, relaxation, and recreation as they celebrated the end of another successful school year; and
b) Cultural enrichment – an opportunity to revisit important historical events that occurred in Bataan during the Spanish and Japanese eras.
>This memorable out-of-town trip was organized by the Education Committee under the leadership of Fr. Orville Cajigal, RCJ.

APRIL 2009: Port Area of Baseco Neighborhood Associations’ League (PABANAL)

Reported by: Fr. Cris Sabili, OSJ, Community Organizer
Written by: Jing Ocampo
Edited by: Zacri Damo
A total of 2,000 members of PABANAL Basic Ecclesial Communities (BEC) joined a thanksgiving mass celebrated by Gaudencio Cardinal Rosales on April 30 at the Covered Court Compound of Barangay 649, Zone 68, in Baseco, Manila.

Immediately after, 240 PABANAL officers took their oath as servants of the community. The simple yet moving ceremony was led by the cardinal and SHEC leaders, Fr. Dexter Prudenciano, RCJ, Fr. Asis Bajao, and Fr. Christopher Sabili. Truly, the empowerment of lay leaders, especially poor ones, is a manifestation of the Kingdom of God at work in our on-going history.

APRIL 2009 HOUSING: Simultaneous Development, Simultaneous Success St. Hannibal Homeowners’ Association, Phase 3:

Reported by: Ramon Espin, Housing Committee
Written by: Jing Ocampo
Edited by: Zacri Damo
Two meetings were held to finalize area layout and building design for SHEC Housing Project Phase 3. SHEC partnered with TAO-Pilipinas, a women-led, non-stock, non-profit, non-government organization of professionals in the field of architecture, planning, and engineering, providing technical assistance to the urban poor. Truly, empowered women are primary Kingdom workers, like the active women disciples of Jesus.
On April 16, SHEC management represented by Fr. Dexter Prudenciano (Executive Director) and Mr. George Espin (Housing Committee Head), together with the Homeowners Association officers Terry Ubaldo, Jean Sarmiento, Belen Sarmiento, Annabel Lagaran, and Lita Lopez, met with TAO-Pilipinas architects Arlene Lusterio and Miko Verzon for the final presentation of proposed designs.

A follow-up meeting was conducted on April 27 where SHEC Housing Committee and HOA Officers finalized the Phase 3 master list, as well as the planned SHEC visit to TAO-Pilipinas’ housing project along Katipunan Road, Quezon City.

MARCH 2009: When it Rains, It Pours

Another round of awarding 294 homes for the homeless took place last March 31, 2009 at Phase 2, Malibay, Pasay City. When Kingdom blessings rain, they certainly flood the poor to their hearts’ content. The event was again graced with the presence of Gaudencio Cardinal Rosales.

MARCH 2009: SHEC Conducts Seminar on Child’s Rights

A Child’s Rights Seminar for Health Committee Leaders and SHACC representatives was conducted at the SHEC Training Center last March 17, 2009. This was spearheaded by Fr. Orville Cajigal, RCJ. Children are very precious for Jesus, and it is in imbibing their innocence that people could become heirs to the Kingdom. Accordingly, Kingdom mission ought to give due importance to the well-being of children.

FEBRUARY 2009: Father Suarez Graces SHEC’s Feeding Program

Fr. Fernando Suarez, the healing priest and founder of Mary, Mother of the Poor Foundation, visited the SHACC, Phase 2, Malibay, Pasay City. The visit was in time for the beginning of SHEC’s feeding program for the community. This event reminds us of Jesus who healed and fed the poor and the oppressed.

FEBRUARY 2009: Superior General Visits SHEC Communities

February 1, 2009 was graced with the visit of the Superior General, Fr. Giorgio Nalin, RCJ to the communities of Phase 2, Pasay City and Baseco, Manila. The superior general was also delighted with the SHEC Training Center.

JANUARY 2009: A New Kingdom Mission Launched

Passion for the Kingdom never stops once it is enkindled. Last January 21, 2009 SHEC’s Kingdom mission began to extend to poor communities at Gasangan, Baseco, Manila. Truly, the Kingdom is a like a mustard seed. Once it has sprouted, it would grow into a tree that serves as a shelter to the homeless. It is hoped that in due time the mustard seed planted at Baseco will become a comfortable home for the poor and oppressed.