St. Hannibal Empowerment Centre

St. Hannibal Empowerment Center (SHEC) is a religious organization of the Rogationists of the Heart of Jesus. It is a community of Spirit-led persons which aims to follow Jesus Christ in his union with his Father and in his proclamation of the kingdom of God. It is an inserted community among the squatters. The goal of SHEC is to empower the poor people of Metro Manila, Philippines, through housing, livelihood, education, health, waste management, youth and values formation.

Location: Pasay City, Metro Manila

Mission: Its mission is to empower the poorest of the poor and catalyze an integral Christian transformation of urban poor communities in collaboration with the local Church by a holistic process that addresses concerns on housing, livelihood, education, health, environment and sanitation, justice and peace, youth formation and values formation. The goals of SHEC consist of assisting in alleviating poverty among urban poor communities in Pasay and other cities in Metro Manila; and building the foundation of community transformation through intensive values formation. Its objectives are, specifically, to facilitate the organization and formation of people’s organization that are self-sufficient and empowered, facilitate the values and spiritual formation and capability building of urban poor leaders, to assist the urban poor / informal settlers of Pasay and other cities in Metro Manila in realizing their dreams of achieving security of tenure through in-city relocation, to facilitate the implementation of economic programs and basic social services in urban poor communities, and to facilitate access to formal education in favor of the poor and deserving students.

Friday, December 28, 2012

November 2012 Highlights

Rogate: Emulating Christ, the King of Social Justice. November is the month of Christ, the King—a ruler who focuses on social justice or the so-called preferential option for the poor (see Mt 25:31-46). Obviously, this character of Christ the Kin g inspired the charism of St. Hannibal who devoted his life for the welfare of the poor. Certainly, SHEC is moved by the aforementioned spirit of preference for the poor, as it continues to empower the poorest of the poor at Pasay and Baseco.

RYMSC celebrates All Saints’ Day. Getting to know the saints, who were social justice advocates like Christ, the King, was a very meaningful All Saints’ Day activity for the leaders and members of the Rogate Youth Ministry, SHaCC Chapter.  Giving the proper information is indeed essential in the formation of the youth, especially with regard to participation in Jesus’ Kingdom mission.

Happy Anniversary, St. Hannibal Association Phase 17. Last November 17, 2012, the St. Hannibal Association Phase 17 celebrated their second anniversary. They thanked God for his blessings, especially the gift of decent shelter. The occasion also served as an avenue for the leaders to remind their members to be persistent and faithful despite trials and difficulties. This event was held at EDSA, Brgy. 143, Pasay City.

Rogate Youth attend KA-TALK Youth Forum. To learn about the Year of the Faith, 24 leaders and members of the Rogate Youth Ministry, SHEC and PABaNAL chapters together with Fr. Orville R. Cajigal, RCJ attended the KA-TALK Youth Forum facilitated by the Archdiocese of Manila last November 24, 2012. Truly, the youth are the nation’s hope, and it is but fitting and proper that they be formed according to the values of the Kingdom of God, of which very essential is the faith that does justice.

Happy First Sacerdotal Anniversary, Fr. Arlene! Holy workers for the Kingdom of God are precious blessings, indeed! Like Christ, the King, they serve and lead the Church to live the spirit and thrust of being a Church of the Poor. It is for this reason that November 25, 2012 is very special in the life of SHEC—for on this same day, a year ago, Fr. Arlene Gumangan, RCJ made his vow to preach the Kingdom of God, especially its Good News to the Poor. Also on same day, Fr. Orville Cajigal, RCJ, Emerzon Zuzon, Sandy Giolagon, Ms. Jane Duque and most of the members and leaders of SHEC attended a meeting with the Social Housing Finance Corporation (SHFC) to discuss the final computation for the payment to be charged from those who availed of the restructuring program of SHFC.

AYOM Team Building Activities Held. Last November 29-30, 2012,  Marilyn Pogoy, Ruby Rose Tosoc, Irene Borongan, Marlon Padilla, Jake Tendoy, Rea Lumactod and Rene Sauza of SHEC attended the AYOM team building program at Frontier Ranch, Tanay, Rizal. The goals of the program were: 1. To build friendship among the participants through group activities;
2. To promote camaraderie among AYOM members through facilitated processes;
3. To encourage teamwork among group members through games;
4. To initiate sharing of oneself through groupings; and
5. To deliver and inculcate an updated input to the participants that can be used in their respective youth ministry.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

October 2012 Highlights

Rogate: Embracing Mary, embracing the poor.

 “He has brought down the powerful from their thrones, and lifted up the lowly; he has filled the hungry with good things, and sent the rich away empty.”

The passage comes from Mary’s magnificat (see Lk 1:52-53). Noteworthy in the Rogate spirituality is its being Marian, a reality which is highlighted in the month of October, the month of the Rosary. Devoted to Mary, St. Hannibal was most confident in Jesus’ providence for the poor because he always had Mary by his side. Indeed, Mary intercedes for the poor, for she is truly the Mother of the Poor (see Lk 1:46-56). Accordingly, SHEC embraces Mary as it embraces the poor.

Three in One. When it rains, it pours. October 12, 2012 was but one day. Yet three blessings rolled into one: the vocation day celebration of SHEC, SHaCC and PABaNAL, the tenth priestly anniversary of Fr. Tony Navarette and the Religious Day of San Juan Nepomuceno Parish, Malibay, Pasay City. The Kingdom mission needs priests who embrace the spirituality of Mary, and celebrations such as the three are avenues for the promotion of vocations. The Rogate, after all, is essentially about storming heaven that the Lord of the harvest may send holy workers into his vineyard. 

Happy Birthday Kingdom Workers! People who work for the poor are rare and precious gems. It is for this reason that SHEC celebrates the birthdays of its employees. Happy birthday (names of employees)! May your tribe increase!