St. Hannibal Empowerment Centre

St. Hannibal Empowerment Center (SHEC) is a religious organization of the Rogationists of the Heart of Jesus. It is a community of Spirit-led persons which aims to follow Jesus Christ in his union with his Father and in his proclamation of the kingdom of God. It is an inserted community among the squatters. The goal of SHEC is to empower the poor people of Metro Manila, Philippines, through housing, livelihood, education, health, waste management, youth and values formation.

Location: Pasay City, Metro Manila

Mission: Its mission is to empower the poorest of the poor and catalyze an integral Christian transformation of urban poor communities in collaboration with the local Church by a holistic process that addresses concerns on housing, livelihood, education, health, environment and sanitation, justice and peace, youth formation and values formation. The goals of SHEC consist of assisting in alleviating poverty among urban poor communities in Pasay and other cities in Metro Manila; and building the foundation of community transformation through intensive values formation. Its objectives are, specifically, to facilitate the organization and formation of people’s organization that are self-sufficient and empowered, facilitate the values and spiritual formation and capability building of urban poor leaders, to assist the urban poor / informal settlers of Pasay and other cities in Metro Manila in realizing their dreams of achieving security of tenure through in-city relocation, to facilitate the implementation of economic programs and basic social services in urban poor communities, and to facilitate access to formal education in favor of the poor and deserving students.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015


Rogate: A Heritage of Pro-poor Spirituality. The Source and inspiration of every mission, on the one hand, is God, especially in Jesus’ incarnation and Kingdom proclamation. St. Hannibal responded to this inspiration in his unique ways which eventually came to be known as the Rogate. October on the other hand is especially dedicated to Mary, mother of the poor. And remarkably, St. Hannibal was also Marian. Such a wealth of heritage for a pro-poor spirituality, indeed! SHEC draws much inspiration and motivation from the foregoing heritage as it continues Jesus’ Kingdom mission.

Learning From St. Hannibal. SHEC is named after St. Hannibal. Accordingly, it carries out its Kingdom mission after St. Hannibal’s spirituality. It is but fitting and proper then that last October 5, 2014, leaders and members of the RYMSC underwent a formation session about St. Hannibal. The activity aimed at deepening the participants’ knowledge of the life and virtues of St. Hannibal. This wonderful experience was held at the St. Hannibal Training Center, Malibay, Pasay City.

Phase 2 General Assembly. Some leaders and members of Phase 2  had an assembly last October 12, 2014. They discussed some issues, to wit: monthly amortization, pedicab livelihood and guarding of their gate. Regular assemblies, in another view, are also meant to strengthen the bond among members. This needless to say is essential in every community, especially in a Christian community like Phase 2.

Biblical Formation. The Bible is not only a book of wisdom and inspirations. Powerful, indeed, as it is God’s Word, it can transform lives in ways beyond description. It has been an opportune moment then for leaders and members of the RYMSC to undergo a bible formation session under Fr. Orville Cajigal last October 12, 2014. See more Photos.

Session in Journalism and Writing. Augmenting their spiritual formation with a particularly academic one, leaders and members of the RYMSC had a session in Journalism and Writing in Filipino last October 19, 2014. The experience was indeed fruitful and fun for the contented participants.

Pedicabs at last! October 19 was also a day to mark. Finally, the much awaited release of pedicabs for SHEC’s livelihood program took place. Kudos to the workers and beneficiaries for another step towards holistic human development! See more photos at our facebook page

Sunday, February 08, 2015

SHEC’s 10th year anniversary highlights its Journey with God and the marginalized out of poverty

St. Hannibal Empowerment Center (SHEC), a Religious Community of the Rogationists of the Heart of Jesus living at Malibay, Pasay City, celebrated the culmination of their 10th year anniversary at Malibay, Pasay City.  It was also the celebration of the Foundation Anniversary of 2 People’s Organizations of poor families which they are assisting, namely, St. Hannibal Christian Community (SHaCC) and Port Area of Baseco Neighborhood Associations’ League (PABaNAL) in Pasay and Manila respectively.  In addition, it was a celebration of the Priestly anniversary of Fr. Dexter Prudenciano, RCJ, the Executive Director of SHEC.  SHEC is actively involved in the Community Development of the said People’s Organization which aims at their holistic development and empowerment.

                They started their celebration with a parade of all the members of SHaCC and PABaNAL from St. Hannibal Christian Community Phase 3 at Andrews Ave., Maricaban, Pasay City until St. Hannibal Subdivision Phase 17 at 580 E. Cornejo St., Malibay, Pasay City.  The aforementioned lot serves as the relocation of 65 families of St. Hannibal Phase 17 Homeowners’ Association (SHaCC Phase 17) who are living on top/ along the 3 meter easement of Tripa de Galina and Maricaban Creeks.  Through the prayers and hardwork of the said Association with partners from the Government and Private sectors, the said lot is officially the property of SHaCC Phase 17.  They had the symbolic turn over of the lot, and the blessing which was presided by His Eminence Luis Antonio Cardinal Tagle, Archbishop of Manila, who was assisted by Fr. Tony Navarette, Parish Priest of San Juan Nepomuceno Parish, the parish where the new community belongs.  There was the groundbreaking of the Housing Project of SHaCC Phase 17.  It was also participated by Fr. Angelo Mezzari, RCJ Superior General of the Rogationists of the Heart of Jesus, Fr. Mateo Sanavio, RCJ, General Councilor of the Rogationists of the Heart of Jesus, Fr. Jessie Martirizar, RCJ, General Councilor of the Rogationists of the Heart of Jesus, Fr. Herman Abcede, RCJ, Provincial Superior of the St. Matthew Province of the Rogatinists of the Heart of Jesus and the Provincial Councilors, Madam Ma. Ana Oliveros, President of Social Housing Finance Corporation, Hon. Tony Calixto, Mayor of Pasay; Hon. Emi Calixto Rubiano, Congresswoman of Pasay, Hon. Marlon Pesebre, Vice Mayor of Pasay, Mr. Jason Miranda, Program Manager of the Informal Settler Families (ISF) Housing Program of the Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG), Madam Carmelita Natividad, the landowner who sold the said lot to SHaCC Phase 17,  members of SHaCC and PABaNAL, different partners, friends and benefactors of SHEC.

                After the said activities, everyone proceeded to St. Hannibal Subdivision Phase 2 at Rodriguez St., Brgy. 165, Pasay City for the blessing of the said community and celebration of the Holy Mass.  It was presided by His Eminence Luis Antonio Cardinal Tagle.  The Holy Mass served as the culmination of the celebration.  It is because it is the communal act of thanksgiving for the continuous Presence of God in the lives of the poor communities who liberated them from poverty and offers God-centered, humane and just quality of life to our poor brothers and sisters.  It was also an act of gratitude to the gift of priesthood which was given to Fr. Dexter Prudenciano, RCJ, which he shared with the poor in Pasay and Manila.

                There was a short program which showcased the different talents of the members of SHaCC and PABaNAL.  There was the obvious ambience of joy which resulted from their concrete experience of God.  It is an experience of God at the margins of the society which is liberating from them from human destitution.